Diamer-Bhasha Dam: `Corruption` in compensation being probed

GILGIT: A two-member inquiry team headed by home secretary Gilgit-Baltistan is investigating alleged corruption in distribution of land compensation among landowners to be affected by the construction of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam.

Official sources said on Monday Gilgit-Baltistan chief secretary Saifullah Chatta, taking notice of complaints by the people, initiated an inquiry against the assistant commissioner of Chilas, Diamer district, Zahid Mumtaz, who is a DMG officer, for allegedly committing corruption in distribution of compensation funds.

On the directives of the chief secretary, the home secretary visited Chilas and recorded statements of the residents of Thore valley on the matter.

Sources disclosed that the stories of corruption came to fore after tehsildar Jamal Khan and AC Zahid Mumtaz developed disagreements on various matters with former accusing the latter of preparing bogus data of the land compensation.

“The confessional statement of Jamal Khan before the inquiry committee against the AC is something which carries weight in which he alleged that he was forced to collect money for him on bogus documents prepared by the AC,” an official privy to the inquiry told this correspondent requesting not to be named.

However, AC Zahid Mumtaz contested that the measurement of land for payment was not prepared by him rather the tehsildar himself was involved in tampering of the record.

Though the inquiry is yet to be made public but questions are being raised that why AC alone is being questioned and his bosses are spared.Dawn News


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