Monthly Archives: February 2012

Rally against wheat-subsidy cut in Ghizar

Gahkuch: The protest rally against wheat subsidy cut, set off from Yasin on February 15, towards Gilgit, has finally come to an end after formal assurances by a provincial minister on Thursday.  A protest rally of more than 15000 thousand people, headed by Raja Jahanzaib, a local politician of Yasin, was arrived at Gahkuch on […]

Subsidy rally getting strength in Gahkuch for heading to Gilgit

Gahkuch: The mass rally, originated from Yasin, yesterday, against the cut in wheat sunsidy, is getting prepared in Gahkuch to head towards its final destination. Large gathering is taking place at DC chowk where many local leaders of different political parties are delivering speeches. PML(N) leaders Raja Jahanzaib Khan, who headed the rally from Yasin, […]

Senior journalist leaves Karachi over life threat for disclosing terror camp

کراچی: دوماہ قبل کراچی میں دہشت گردی کےتربیتی کیمپ کارازافشاکرنےوالےایک سینیرصحافی کوقتل کی دھمکیاں ملنےپردوسرے شہرمنتقل کردیاگیاہےجہاں انہیں سخت سیکیورٹی دی جارہی ہے۔ بارہ ستمبر2011کوپولیس نےسہراب گوٹھ میں ایک مدرسےپرچھاپہ مارکرزنجیروں میں جکڑے56افرادکوبازیاب کرایاتھا۔پولیس کےایک سینیرافسرکےمطابق یہ افرادمدرسة العربیہ العلوم نامی ایک مدرسےکےبیسمنٹ سےبرآمدہوئےجسےمفتی داودنامی شخص چلارہاتھا۔چھاپےکےدوران مدرسےکےمالک مفتی داودفرارہوگیاجبکہ ان کےقریبی ساتھی قاری محمدعثمان […]

Rana Arshad appointed as New Chief judge of GB Appellate Court

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has appointed Rana Mohammad Arshad Khan as Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit Baltistan, sources said on Friday. Mohammad Arshad Khan will take oath on February 8, 2001, as a second chief justice of the Appellate court since its establishment in 2009.  Prime Minister will take his oath, while Governor and Chief […]